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Atlantis Stargate

Diese Liste der Stargate-Atlantis-Episoden enthält alle Episoden der Science-Fiction-Serie Stargate Atlantis. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Staffel 1; 2 Staffel 2​. Stargate Kommando SG-1; Stargate Atlantis; Stargate Universe Später siedelten sich die Antiker mit Atlantis als riesigem. Stargate: Atlantis war die zweite Serie des Franchise und startete während des immer noch sehr erfolgreichen siebten Jahres der Vorgängerserie Stargate SG:1​.

Atlantis Stargate Satz mir Kids, war wohl nix

Ein internationales Team von Weltraumspezialisten begibt sich auf eine Reise, um die sagenumwobene Stadt Atlantis ausfindig zu machen. Sie befindet sich in einer weit entfernten Galaxie. Um jedoch zur Erde zurückzukehren, benötigen sie Energie. Stargate Atlantis ist ein Spin-off der Fernsehserie Stargate SG Beide basieren auf dem Kinofilm Stargate aus dem Jahr Die Serie ist nach ihrem. Diese Liste der Stargate-Atlantis-Episoden enthält alle Episoden der Science-Fiction-Serie Stargate Atlantis. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Staffel 1; 2 Staffel 2​. Stargate Kommando SG-1; Stargate Atlantis; Stargate Universe Später siedelten sich die Antiker mit Atlantis als riesigem. Eigentlich sollte „Stargate Atlantis“ die erste Serie Stargate Kommando SG-1 ersetzen, doch man war nach acht Staffeln noch nicht so recht am. Stargate: Atlantis: In diesem Spin-Off von „Stargate SG-1“ macht sich ein internationales Team von Weltraumspezialisten unter der Leitung von Dr. Elisabeth . - Kaufen Sie Stargate Atlantis - Die komplette Kollektion günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen.

Atlantis Stargate

Stargate Atlantis ist ein Spin-off der Fernsehserie Stargate SG Beide basieren auf dem Kinofilm Stargate aus dem Jahr Die Serie ist nach ihrem. Diese Liste der Stargate-Atlantis-Episoden enthält alle Episoden der Science-Fiction-Serie Stargate Atlantis. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Staffel 1; 2 Staffel 2​. Stargate: Atlantis: In diesem Spin-Off von „Stargate SG-1“ macht sich ein internationales Team von Weltraumspezialisten unter der Leitung von Dr. Elisabeth .

The shield had to be lowered so that more power could be diverted to the Stardrive for the crucial first few moments of flight. As the shield was being raised after this initial phase however the Asurans beam grazed the side of the main tower, causing serious damage to the power conduits.

Because of this Atlantis dropped out of hyperspace prematurely and far from the new intended homeworld, with the city's single Zero Point Module nearly depleted, having only twenty four hours of energy left.

With the aid of a replacement ZPM, stolen in a daring raid on Asuras, the city eventually settled on M During the same year, the nine chevron address in the Atlantis database was discovered, and the Icarus Base was built in the Milky Way to research into dialing it.

This later mounted, with the help of Eli Wallace , in the successful dialing of the Destiny days after Atlantis' return to Earth. SGU : " Air, Part 1 ".

He combined Wraith and Ancient technology , and managed to create a force field with similar results as a Wraith stunner , disabling anyone who attempted to access the control tower.

Ronon Dex eventually escaped from his original capture, as he was in Stargate Operations when the stun field was established. However Michael was able to overpower and render Ronon unconscious.

This distraction allowed Teyla to escape. Michael activated Atlantis' self-destruct in an attempt to draw Teyla out, but was unsuccessful.

He then attempted to retreat with the DNA of Teyla's son that he had already taken vowing to clone him. In the meantime, Dr.

Rodney McKay and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard planned to use a Puddle Jumper from the underwater Jumper bay , dial the Dial Home Device and to use the unstable vortex to destroy Michael's Jumper, thus rendering the stun field inactive and restoring Atlantis to its natural power.

The plan succeeded and Michael was forced to flee with Sheppard in chase. As they battled on the outside of one of Atlantis' towers, Michael was about to throw Sheppard over the side, but Teyla intervened and pushed Michael over the edge.

His grip failing, Teyla kicked his hand from the ledge, finally killing him in the fall. SGA : " The Prodigal ".

Early in , the Wraith Todd contacted Atlantis and told them that his underling had mutinied and managed to use several Zero Point Modules , acquired during the destruction of Asuras , to create a Super-hive.

He urged the expedition to attack it before it becomes a major threat to them. The Tau'ri sent the Daedalus to confront the Hive ship, but the ZPM-powered vessel proved itself an impressive opponent, crippling the Daedalus before making a sudden and inexplicable jump into hyperspace.

The expedition later found out that the Hive ship was on its way to Earth. Both the Apollo and the new Tau'ri spaceship, the Sun Tzu , failed to destroy the vessel before it reached Earth.

Sheppard interrogated Todd for the location of more ZPMs, which Major Evan Lorne and his team were able to locate; Atlantis, now with her full complement of three ZPMs, was sent to its original home in a last-ditch effort to defend it.

Carson Beckett flew the city until the city's hyperdrive failed at the edge of the Milky Way. Radek Zelenka proposed activating a highly experimental and potentially dangerous drive based on the same wormhole technology as the Stargate.

With it, they could potentially reach Earth in seconds. When Atlantis arrived, it placed itself between the Super-hive and Earth in order to buy Stargate Command more time.

Atlantis took the brunt of the Hive ship's assault and launched a barrage of drone weapons in retaliation. The sheer force of the Hive ship's weapons fire pushed the City-ship into Earth's atmosphere, placing severe strain on the shield.

Quickly losing power, the only options were to either adjust Atlantis' course or keep firing at the enemy ship; Richard Woolsey chose to keep firing.

The SGC eventually succeeded in destroying the Hive ship, but Atlantis was now forced to land on Earth, risking burning up during re-entry.

Everyone at Stargate Command waited for news with bated breath, but erupted into celebration when Atlantis lands successfully over water.

The city was able to cloak just before their approach to San Francisco Bay, and the area in which they landed was placed under naval quarantine to prevent ships from passing through the cloaking field.

SGA : " Enemy at the Gate ". After arriving on Earth, repairs to the city began. It was quickly determined that the wormhole drive couldn't be fixed but that the hyperdrive was repairable with several weeks of work.

However, the IOA refused to let Atlantis off of Earth at first, pushing the President to give them full control of Atlantis as a sovereign state.

With the Ancient technology and drone weapons possessed by Atlantis, anyone who had control of it could demand anything of other countries and they'd be forced to comply.

If the IOA gained full control, they'd effectively become the first world government. Due to the economic crisis, the President was also unable to supply Atlantis with a full military contingent if it went back to the Pegasus Galaxy.

Finally, the President reached a deal with Woolsey: if Woolsey could find a way to get the IOA to agree to let Atlantis leave, the President would allow him to have a small team of military advisors to aid in protecting Pegasus.

As the head of Homeworld Security, O'Neill officially took command of Atlantis as it fell in American territorial waters while anyone wanting to transfer, was transferred to the George Hammond under the command of Carter.

While in control of the city, O'Neill used his command of it to secretly restock the city and have repairs done to vital systems such as the hyperdrive using "half the Air Force", Doctor Bill Lee and his team and the SGC's entire maintenance section.

O'Neill was able to restore Atlantis' personnel to around four hundred with about one hundred of these being new Air Force personnel sent to replace civilian contractors Woolsey didn't have time to replace.

Eventually, rather than allow the American military to have full control of Atlantis, the IOA agreed to allow it to return to Pegasus at which time O'Neill restored command to Woolsey.

Carter also allowed those who transferred to the George Hammond and wished to transfer back to do so. With Sheppard and Beckett alternating piloting, Atlantis took off on a nine-day journey for Lantea followed close behind by the Daedalus which saw the city off from a lower orbit along with the George Hammond.

SGA : " Legacy: Homecoming ". Unknown to the city inhabitants until some time later, at least one flock of pigeons had settled in the city while it was on Earth and were trapped when the shield was raised before takeoff.

As a result, unknown to everyone at the time, the pigeons were carried with Atlantis to the Pegasus Galaxy. SGA : " The Lost ". Five days into the journey, Dr.

Carson Beckett noticed a "wobble" while piloting the city. Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard determined it was a problem with the number four hyperdrive induction array which was damaged in the battle with the super-hive and had been giving them trouble repairing.

Doctors McKay and Zelenka noticed a slight power variance, but decided to just keep an eye on it. Almost seven days into their journey, the damaged induction array malfunctioned and began drawing power from all systems to expand the hyperspace envelope.

Doctor Miko Kusanagi was able to divert priority power to the shield so they didn't lose that, but Zelenka had Beckett drop them out of hyperspace as they couldn't get ahead of the power variance.

Atlantis was left stranded on the fringe of the Pegasus galaxy as a result with the Daedalus at least thirteen days away and no guarantee of a habitable planet nearby.

Zelenka was eventually able to locate a marginally habitable planet within five days sublight range and Atlantis headed for it.

Sheppard eventually managed to land Atlantis on the planet eighteen degrees north of the equator, a habitable location, but barely at negative eight degrees centigrade when they landed.

As the planet had never had a Stargate, they had to invent one for the planet while the city began reshaping itself in places to adapt to the much colder climate.

Following the landing, the city began experiencing problems with its short-range sensors due to them being iced over which were eventually cleared by maintenance teams once the source of the problem was determined.

At the same time, Atlantis began having to deal with chunks of ice hitting the city. While studying the problem, Zelenka found the city's ice defenses, but discovered that they wouldn't deploy as the underwater sensors were damaged and thus the city was unaware it needed to deploy them.

Ronon Dex 78 episodes, Torri Higginson Elizabeth Weir 65 episodes, Paul McGillion Carson Beckett 63 episodes, David Nykl Radek Zelenka 55 episodes, Chuck Campbell Taglines: A new gate will open.

A lost city will rise again. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Ben Browder was the producer's and series creator's original choice for the role of Major John Sheppard.

Joe Flanigan was hired for the role when Browder could not take the role due to filming " Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars Cameron Mitchell on " Stargate SG-1 Goofs Elizabeth Weir is supposed to be an American, yet pronounces everything the way that a Canadian would.

This is most noticeable with the word "been" which she overemphasizes in a manner that an American English speaker would not.

Quotes Dr. Rodney McKay : Look, the first siege of Atlantis lasted for years. I mean, with only one functioning Zed P. M, we can't expect to hold on that long.

Steven Caldwell : Can we submerge the city again? Rodney McKay : [ sighs ] It's a city, not a yo-yo. User Reviews How dare people put this show down 30 January by brocious — See all my reviews.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What's the name of that song that plays during and at the end of episode 19 of season 5?

Country: Canada USA. Language: English Czech. Runtime: 44 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital Dolby 5. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode.

The Best "Bob's Burgers" Parodies. Clear your history. Teyla Emmagan 99 episodes, Ronon Dex 78 episodes, Elizabeth Weir 65 episodes, Programmation mortelle Nov.

Seules contre tous Nov. Les voyageurs Oct. Cauchemar sur Atlantis Oct. Retrouvailles Oct. Dernier recours Oct. Nom de code "Horizon" Feb.

Immersion Jan. Les jeux sont faits Dec. Invincible Dec. Le chant des baleines Nov. La machine infernale Sep.

Copies conformes Aug. Transformation Jul. Menace sur la Terre Jul. Inferno Jan. Traitement de choc Jan. La tour Dec.

L'ivresse des profondeurs Dec. Masse critique Dec.

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The Best of Stargate: Atlantis

Once there, the team not only find themselves unable to contact Earth, but their explorations unexpectedly reawaken the Ancients' deadly enemies, The Wraith, who hunger for this new prey.

Now with the help of newfound local allies like Teyla Emmagan, the Atlantis Team sets about to uncover their new home's secrets even as their war of survival against the Wraith begins.

Written by Kenneth Chisholm kchishol rogers. I've read comments about how bad this spin off is. Are they watching the same series as I? This is not a carbon copy of SG1, or should it be!

The story lines are completely different and the characters are fantastic! I love the Wraith! I look forward every week for this show. I just hope and pray that the Sci-Fi channel doesn't cancel it like they've canceled great sci-fi shows in the past!

If Stargate SG1 ends it's run, this spin-off will take it's place without sacrificing it's quality! Looking for something to watch?

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Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Stargate Atlantis Syfy. Episodes Info. L'empire contre-attaque Jan.

Las Vegas Dec. Entre la vie et la mort Dec. Rendez-vous glacial Nov. Les Sekkaris Nov. Le fils prodigue Nov. Inquisition Oct.

Les Balarans Oct. La tribu perdue Oct. Premier contact Sep. Jeu de piste Sep. La nouvelle reine Sep. Seconde enfance Aug.

Tous les possibles Aug. Une question d'honneur Jul. Contamination Jul. La vie avant tout Jul. Le dernier homme Mar. Auf der in der Mitte befindlichen Hauptinsel befindet sich der Kontrollturm , und in ihm Räume wie zum Beispiel, der Kontrollraum , der Gateraum , die Mannschaftsquartiere und ein Puddle Jumper - Hangar.

Die Türen in Atlantis können zwar nicht mit Muskelkraft aufgebrochen werden [24] , aber mit einem Päckchen C4. Es trat in Kraft, als der Stadt wieder ausreichend Energie zur Verfügung stand.

Colonel Samantha Carter : Leiterin der Expedition Richard Woolsey : Leiter der Expedition ab Sergeant Bates : ernannter Sicherheitschef bis Teyla Emmagan : Vertreterin ihres Volkes in Atlantis.

Carson Beckett : Chefarzt der Stadt bis zu seinem Tod Die Odyssey befindet sich im Landeanflug auf Atlantis. Atlantis treibt mit aktiviertem Schutzschild im All.

Der Lageplan, den das Stargate-Center erhielt. Kriegsschiffe der Aurora-Klasse. Adarus Destiny. Natürlich kannst du diesen Artikel jederzeit weiter bearbeiten.

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Atlantis aus Stargate Wiki, dem deutschsprachigen Stargate-Lexikon. Wechseln zu: Navigation , Suche. Atlantis verlässt Lantia. Atlantis landet im Meer von M Atlantis verlässt M , um zur Erde zu fliegen.

Der Schutzschild der Stadt wird hochgefahren. Stadtplan von Atlantis Animation. Dieser Artikel wurde zu einem exzellenten Artikel gekürt.

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The Complete History of Atlantis (Stargate SGA) Atlantis Stargate Atlantis Stargate Auf der anderen Seite des Portals vergeht die Zeit viel schneller als auf unserer, und wenn dort ein Tag vergeht, vergehen bei uns nur Minuten. Sie werden jedoch von einer Sekte gestellt, die das ZPM als rituellen Schatz ansieht und es erneut verstecken wird. Cineplex Spandau Programm der Flucht vor den Wulakai finden Teyla und Dr. Sie Atlantis Stargate sich einer Gruppe Replikatoren an, die das Ziel hatten, maschinell aufzusteigen, doch nun in einem Zwischenschritt festhängen. Auf einem nahegelegenen Planeten entdeckt das Team eine Forschungseinrichtung der Wraith. Hinweise auf Atlantis wurden erstmals zu der Zeit entdeckt, als Daniel Jackson aufgestiegen war. Die Verbündeten Foolproof Bündnis. Atlantis verlässt Lantia. Aufgrund derselben Intervention wird er auch zum Lieutenant Colonel befördert. The FAQ from the stored official web page of the Stargate series in the www. Rate This. High-Def Digest. La tribu perdue Oct. This shows remarkable forward thinking as when Atlantis was in Antarctica it was landed Love Island Ganze Folgen the continent itself rather than ocean and it seems the city remained Atlantis Stargate Lantea for the duration of the Ancients stay in Pegasus. John Sinnott from DVDTalk called season one a "very good spinoff," certifying it "highly recommended. Wechseln zu: NavigationSuche. They later sent incursions through Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten Schauspieler Stargate due to McKay's ability to penetrate the city's Gate shield before a metal iris like the one on the Earth Gate was installed. Error: please try again. Die Stadt verliert dadurch eine Menge Energie. Die Regierung des Planeten hat ein Abkommen mit den Wraith, Atlantis Stargate sie verschonen, solange sich genug Gefangene auf der Insel am Gate befinden, an denen sie sich nähren können. Abrams und Dr. McKay empfindet. Auf einem Planeten, auf dem sich ein angeblicher Superheld befinden soll, trifft das Atlantis-Team um Sheppard auf Lucius siehe 3x3. Letztlich wurden daraus aber leider nur zehn mehr oder weniger unterhaltsame Webisoden, die zusammengenommen weder inhaltlich Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 Episode 4 Stream formal auf einen grünen Zweig kamen. August auf RTL 2. Doch bei einem diplomatischen Gespräch kommen dem Kino Seligenstadt erste Zweifel, ob dies wirklich die Antiker sind. Als tief im Eis der Antarktis eine von den Erbauern der Stargates verlassene Basis entdeckt wird, wird das Stargate Atlantis-Team formiert. Es folgt eine. Stargate Atlantis ist das erste Spin-off Serie von Stargate Kommando SG-1 und nimmt die Handlung. Stargate Atlantis – Spannend, charmant, humorvoll – abgesetzt! Neben Star Wars und Star Trek gibt es noch ein drittes Franchise mit Sternen im Titel, das lange. Stargate: Atlantis war die zweite Serie des Franchise und startete während des immer noch sehr erfolgreichen siebten Jahres der Vorgängerserie Stargate SG:1​. Wissenschaftler machen Luna Schweiger Alter spektakuläre Entdeckung: Sie finden Atlantis. Währenddessen stellt man fest, dass Flüchtlingswitze Atlantis auf einem Kollisionsflug mit einem Asteroidengürtel befindet. Dritte Staffel. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Ebenfalls mit dem Transporter werden Atomsprengköpfe an Bord der verbleibenden Basisschiffe gebracht und diese so zerstört. Atlantis wurde nun auch Heimat der von ihrer Heimat vertriebenen Athosianerwelche die Antiker als ihre Vorfahren verehrten Nschg schnell auf dem I Sleep des Atlantis-Planeten ansiedelten. Atlantis Stargate


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