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Kaylee Firefly

Jewel Staite's Kaylee Frye gets the ReAction treatment! This articulated figure of the Serenity ship's mechanic is the perfect size for desk display at work or at. Character: Leroy Jethro Gibbs (guy with grey hair) From: NCIS Type: Action Star What is this clip about? In this clip, we see Gibbs's rules for how to handle. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Firefly Serenity Kaylee Flower Patch (Blumen nur) perfekt für Cosplay!!! bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!

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Bekanntheit erlangte sie vor allem durch ihre Rollen als Kaylee Frye in der Fernsehserie Firefly – Der Aufbruch der Serenity und dem darauf basierenden Film. Sep 11, - This Pin was discovered by Sina DunkleWelle. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Funko: Firefly: Kaylee Frye: kleinekatzenfarm.eu: Spielzeug. Figurine Firefly Serenity - Kaylee Frye Pop- Matière PVC- Vendu en window box- Taille 10cm. › Weitere. Jewel Staite's Kaylee Frye gets the ReAction treatment! This articulated figure of the Serenity ship's mechanic is the perfect size for desk display at work or at. Kaywinnit Lee 'Kaylee' Frye (Jewel Staite) ist Mechaniker auf der Serenity, ein lebensfroher Mensch und hat zu allen Crewmitgliedern ein gutes Verhältnis. Discover and share Kaylee Frye Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Firefly SerenityComic Kunst. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an kaylee firefly quote an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu.

Kaylee Firefly

Firefly Kaylee Frye Standing Figure Large Colored Enamel Metal Pin NEW UNUSEDCollectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, Firefly, Serenity. Mar 23, - Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love costume parties, and now that I'm the book programming coordinator for Geek Media Expo, I'm going to. QMX Firefly Kaylee BearCollectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, Firefly, Serenity!. Artikelzustand:: Neu: Neuer, unbenutzter und unbeschädigter Artikel in der. Serenity Kaylee. Complexin which she portrayed Raquel Westbrook, a struggling actress. Staite at the Phoenix Comicon. In Serenitythe Operative Sexfilm Kostenlos ordered to retrieve River, bringing Filme Mit Pferden into Der Bestatter Stream with Mal and his crew, who have discovered the reason why the Alliance wants her back. When asked why he named his Höhle Der Löwen Bh after a lost battle, Zoe comments "Once you're in Serenity, you never Inka Bause Nackt. After River attacks him with a knife during MarvelS The Defenders of her psychotic outbursts, Jayne attempts to turn them in and collect the reward, although the plan backfires when he is double crossed by his Alliance contact. The Prisoner of Zenda, Inc. However, he accepts that Mal has done the right thing by bringing the medicine back, and lets the crew go free. Less than Tap Deutsch year before the events of the pilot episodeInara leased Richter Beatrice of Serenity's shuttles for transportation, living space, and work space, providing Der Flohmarkt Von Madame Claire with some mobility.

Second, when the ship is disabled in the episode " Out of Gas ", Simon said, "I don't want to die [on this ship]", to which Inara replied, "I don't want to die at all".

In " Heart of Gold ", Nandi remarks that she did not age at all. The secret was apparently revealed in a panel at 's DragonCon ; Morena Baccarin confirmed that Inara was dying of a terminal illness.

Minear also said that if the show hadn't been cancelled, a future episode might have involved Inara being abducted and raped by numerous Reavers, all of whom are eventually found dead due to the effects of the drug by Mal.

Inara has been described as a postfeminist character. Jayne Cobb played by Adam Baldwin is a tall 6'4" , physically imposing mercenary who did not fight in the Unification War.

Despite his comparatively brutish manner, Jayne regularly displays cunning and common sense. Adam Baldwin, when asked to describe the character, said "Sex.

Though generally acting brutish and simple, occasionally he hints at a more complex and sensitive character. In the first episode, "Serenity", Jayne joins Shepherd Book in a silent grace.

In " The Message ", Jayne is revealed sending money earned by his mercenary activities home to his mother. His mother was using the money to care for a sick child named Mattie.

In the same episode, he proudly sports an orange and yellow knit cap with earflaps and an orange pom-pom a tuque , simply because his mother made it for him, to "keep him warm" as he traveled through space.

Jayne thinks the hat is quite cunning, though his fellow shipmates gently mock him about it. In "Ariel", he shows shame for having sold out Simon and River and is noticeably disgusted upon hearing what the Alliance has done to River.

In "The Message" he is noticeably upset while seeing a family receive their dead son and in "Jaynestown" when a young man saves his life by jumping in front of a shotgun blast meant for him.

Jayne has shown a fear of anything to do with Reavers , a subpopulation of feral, cannibalistic humans.

Jayne has demonstrated fear of dying in what he considers an unmanly fashion, notably being " spaced ". In "Out of Gas" Jayne is seen on-screen curiously poking at Simon's birthday cake.

In the commentaries for episodes "Out of Gas" and "War Stories", it is mentioned that Adam Baldwin added a "tactile" compulsion to the character.

Jayne tends to touch, smell and taste things habitually, being constantly in touch with his surroundings. Originally a member of a gang that ambushes Malcolm and Zoe, Jayne switches allegiances and joins them after Mal offers him a larger share of the take from heists and his own cabin.

Though he engages in a few one-night stands, Jayne has no long-term love interest, beyond a lingering crush on Kaylee that Joss Whedon pointed out in the Serenity commentary.

His feelings for her can be seen in his concern during the pilot episode, when he watched her surgery, as well as in his hostility towards Simon Kaylee's obvious love-interest.

Jayne is contemptuous of Simon and River, and sees them as a danger to his safety as they may bring the Alliance down on them.

Jayne keeps a large arsenal of weapons in his cabin on Serenity , the largest and most powerful being a firearm specifically, a "Callahan full-bore auto-lock with a customized trigger, double cartridge and thorough gauge" nicknamed Vera , which he attempts to trade with Mal for his "wife" Saffron in " Our Mrs.

Jayne frequently carries a handgun based on a LeMat Percussion Revolver nicknamed Boo , and in the movie Serenity , carries a machine gun named Lux.

Jayne is regarded as something of a Robin Hood -like folk hero by the people of Canton on Higgins' Moon " Jaynestown " , who have erected a statue of him in the center of the town and sing a song dedicated to "the hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne" "The Ballad of Jayne Cobb" in which they tell how "he robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor".

The true story is that Jayne double-crossed his partner Stitch Hessian and was forced to jettison the money in order to escape. Jayne eventually accepts the town's hospitality but seems to feel guilty that the people view his self-interested actions as heroic.

Kaylee has exceptional mechanical aptitude, despite her lack of formal training, and serves as ship's mechanic on Serenity. She loves all of those people.

And she's the only one who loves all of them incredibly genuinely. The background of the character is revealed in the episode " Out of Gas ", showing her joining the crew of Serenity.

The ship's captain, Malcolm Reynolds , interrupted her and Bester , the ship's mechanic at the time, having sex in Serenity' s engine room. Impressed with her mechanical ability, Mal immediately offered her Bester's job.

Kaylee happily accepted, and left her family and Bester behind to join the crew. When Kaylee first sees Simon Tam in the pilot episode , she is immediately enamoured with the well-dressed doctor.

When she is later shot in the stomach by another passenger, Simon refuses to treat her injury unless he is allowed to remain on Serenity with his sister, River.

Despite this, Kaylee finds herself further attracted to the doctor after he saves her. In the closing scene of the episode " Jaynestown ", he states it is his 'proper' attitude that makes it difficult for him to express his feelings for her.

The problem is compounded by the fact that he sometimes makes comments that hurt Kaylee's feelings, insulting the lifestyle of the crew, Serenity , and even herself, though he never intentionally means to insult her; a prominent example of his ineptitude at making conversation is in " The Message " when he described her as 'the only girl in the world', on the grounds that all the other women he knew were either married Zoe , professional Inara or related to him River.

Simon himself almost never gets mad at Kaylee, the exception being " Objects in Space " when Kaylee revealed River's disturbing aptitude with a firearm, which placed a dark cloud over River in the eyes of the others.

In the movie Serenity , Simon Tam confesses his feelings for her, which she reciprocates. The ending depicts the two finally consummating their relationship.

Simon was born in late November, c. In the original script for the episode " Bushwhacked " it is revealed that Simon supported Unification, the issue that sparked the eponymous War of Unification.

Since he was young, Simon's wealthy family had hopes for him to have a future in medicine. From there, he became a resident trauma surgeon on one of the major hospitals in Capital City, Osiris.

Around this time, Simon's little sister River , whom he adores, attended an elite Alliance-sponsored school called The Academy. Eventually, Simon realized that River was writing to the family in code and began a quest to find and rescue her from the Academy.

After learning about River's abuse at the Academy, he is unable to help her for two more years. However, Simon is eventually contacted by a group of men from an underground movement, and they help him with the rescue.

Simon willingly gives up his career and is disinherited after becoming a fugitive in order to save his sister. While Simon and River head for Persephone, the Alliance freezes all of Simon's monetary accounts and labels Simon and River as fugitives.

After landing on Persephone Simon looks for a ship to take him and a cryogenically stabilized River off-planet. He chooses Serenity. The ship's mechanic, Kaylee Frye , is immediately infatuated with Simon.

Later, the Serenity crew learn of the siblings' backstory. Simon soon settles into life on the ship, spending time with River, in attempts to figure out what happened to her at the Academy.

Simon's privileged background from the center planets of the Alliance puts him at odds with his rougher shipmates. He often comes across as stuffy or pretentious and is far more formal than the majority of the crew.

Simon believes in having manners when no one is watching and his dedication to his sister is his main defining characteristic, often leading him to gladly make personal sacrifices for her benefit.

The Tams remain below Alliance radar, despite some close calls. After River attacks him with a knife during one of her psychotic outbursts, Jayne attempts to turn them in and collect the reward, although the plan backfires when he is double crossed by his Alliance contact.

In " Jaynestown ", Simon and Kaylee have their first moment where it's realized that Simon may have more feelings for Kaylee than originally thought.

By " Objects in Space ", the final episode, Simon has begun to loosen up much more, especially around Kaylee. This process is also underlined by a change in his costume: After the events in " Ariel " he dresses more casually, wearing pullovers instead of shirts and waistcoats.

In the film Serenity , Simon has finally become well-adjusted to the crew—to the point where he even stands up to Mal and punches him when Mal puts River in danger during a heist.

Near the end of the film, Simon admits to Kaylee that he would have liked to have had a romantic relationship with her just as they prepare for an apparently hopeless battle with Reavers and the two consummate their relationship in the end.

River is the teenage sister of Dr. Simon Tam , both of whom take refuge aboard Serenity. She was considered a prodigy from a very young age, intelligent beyond her years and athletically gifted.

Simon stated that compared to her, he is an "idiot child", despite having graduated from medical school near the top of his class and finished his internship a full four months earlier than his classmates.

River grew up with her brother Simon, with whom she was very close, as part of the wealthy Tam family on the "core" Alliance -dominated planet of Osiris.

While her parents and Simon believed the Academy was a private school meant to nurture the gifts of the most academically talented children in the Alliance, it was in fact a cover for a government experiment in creating the perfect assassin.

While in the hands of the Alliance doctors and scientists, River was secretly and extensively experimented on, including surgery that removed most of her amygdala , preventing River from being able to control her emotions.

Tam sessions imply that she may have already had some form of latent psychic abilities prior to being recruited, how and when this translated into her apparently full-fledged mind-reading abilities is unknown.

The Alliance isolates River from her family, though she managed to send a call for help by putting a coded message in a letter to her brother.

Simon decoded the message and sets out to rescue his sister, despite his parents' insistence that he was simply being paranoid. He succeeds two years later.

As evidenced in Serenity , River is extraordinarily skilled at hand-to-hand combat, and in one episode of Firefly , she fires three fatally accurate shots from a pistol after only a single quick glance into the battlefield in both Firefly and Serenity , it is heavily implied that the Alliance was attempting to create a 'super-soldier'.

On two separate occasions she ventures into large melees 20—30 opponents against her at the same time , and on both occasions she emerges not only victorious but apparently with only relatively minor injuries.

Derrial "Shepherd" Book , played by Ron Glass , is a " shepherd ", or preacher , who provides frequent spiritual advice and perspectives for the crew of Serenity.

He has a mysterious past, and on numerous occasions has demonstrated a depth of knowledge in a number of fields incongruous with the clergy: including space travel, firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and criminal activity.

Book's past appears to involve the Alliance in some way; he possesses an Alliance identity card that gives Book priority status for medical treatment on an Alliance ship, and in "The Message", he demonstrates knowledge of Alliance military procedures.

In "Serenity: The Shepherd's Tale", this character's mysterious backstory is revealed. Shepherd Book was born Henry Evans, running away from his abusive father at an early age.

In his early adulthood, he was shown to have a criminal record and pending arrest warrants - and his penchant for violence was what caused the Independents to recruit him.

Before the war even started, he infiltrated the Alliance military as Derrial Book - a name he stole from another cadet whom he jumped and killed.

His rise through the ranks was meteoric, until he singlehandedly masterminded the Alliance's greatest defeat - where in one military maneuver, the Alliance lost over men.

Instead of a trial and formal dismissal, he and the Alliance's devastating defeat were swept under the rug, and he was left to die on a random planet with no supplies.

A few years later Book found God, joined the Abbey, and finally left, healed, to become a member of the crew of Serenity, where, in the end, he would find love and family.

Shepherd Book dies in the movie Serenity when Haven, the planet where he had been living, is attacked by Alliance forces on orders of the Operative.

He took a few of them with him, using a flak gun to shoot down an Alliance assault craft; Mal finds him lying next to the gun, an irony not lost on the dying Shepherd.

Minor characters are defined as any character who is not a part of the crew of the fictional ship Serenity including any who appear in the R.

Tam sessions , the television show itself, the comic book series Serenity: Those Left Behind , or the film Serenity. One of the crew's contacts on the moon-planet Persephone, Badger , a badger portrayed by Mark Sheppard , first appears in the pilot episode of the series, " Serenity ".

Badger, an "honest businessman" refuses to pay for cargo that he has commissioned the crew to retrieve after finding out it had the stamp of the Alliance forces.

At the time, Badger threatened to provide information to the Alliance about Malcolm Reynolds and his salvage operation.

Although Badger cannot be trusted, he apparently is consistent enough that Reynolds is willing to do business with him.

Badger is clearly a criminal, but he views himself as a business man and "better than" Mal and other smugglers who do not have a base of operations.

Badger reappears in the episode " Shindig ", and hires the crew again to collect some cargo in truth a herd of cattle from a "fancy reception" where he is unwelcome.

In the comic book series Serenity: Those Left Behind , Badger sets events in motion by providing Reynolds with his initial contract.

Badger speaks with a cockney accent , identified and imitated by River Tam. Joss Whedon mentions in the commentary on " Serenity " that he originally wrote the character with the intention of playing the role himself.

Bester was Serenity 's original engine mechanic, portrayed by Dax Griffin. At some point before the events of Firefly as shown in a flashback in " Out of Gas " , Malcolm Reynolds caught him having sex with a local girl, soon identified as Kaylee Frye , in the engine room.

Mal demands to know what is taking Bester so long to fix the engine, and Kaylee then demonstrates that she has more knowledge of ship engine workings than Bester, whom Mal immediately fires in favor of Kaylee.

When Mal, Zoe , and Jayne rob the train between Hancock and Paradiso, Sheriff Bourne questions Mal and Zoe, who are pretending to be newlyweds, coming to Paradiso to find work in the mines.

Bourne realizes there is something questionable about their story, but when Inara arrives claiming Mal as her escaped indentured servant, he thinks that is the problem.

Later, as Mal was preparing to return the stolen medicine to Paradiso, Bourne and a posse tracked him down. However, he accepts that Mal has done the right thing by bringing the medicine back, and lets the crew go free.

Sheriff Bourne is played by Gregg Henry. Rance Burgess , played by Fredric Lehne in " Heart of Gold ", is a rancher who runs afoul of the crew of Serenity when he decides to wage war against a brothel run by Nandi, a former Companion and friend of Inara Serra.

According to Nandi, Burgess was the richest man on the planet, and kept everyone else poor so he could play at being "a cowboy in his own gorram theme park".

Malcolm Reynolds and his crew lay out the defense of the Heart of Gold and defend the brothel when Burgess and his men attack to try and take the son he begat on one of the prostitutes, Petaline.

Burgess loses the battle, attempts to escape, is captured by Mal, and is executed by Petaline herself.

See Saffron. Caron , played by Sarah Paulson in the film Serenity , was a member of the rescue team that investigated the strange happenings on Miranda.

Her recording of the event, noting the Alliance's inadvertent creation of what would become the Reavers , is pivotal in the film's climax.

She, along with the rest of her team, is killed by the Reavers after their ship crashed. Lawrence Dobson , played by Carlos Jacott , appears in the series pilot episode, Serenity.

He is an undercover Alliance agent in pursuit of Simon and River Tam. When he suspects to have found Simon on the planet Persephone , he joins him and the Shepherd Derrial Book as a passenger on board Serenity.

Soon after leaving the planet he attempts to contact the Alliance to report his discovery. Wash detects this transmission and is able to scramble it.

Wash informs Mal that someone has betrayed them. Believing Simon to be the traitor, Mal strikes him, only to realise Dobson is the spy when he is seen pointing a gun at Simon.

During a moment of panic, Dobson shoots Kaylee and is knocked out by Book. He is locked up for a while, and when interrogated by Jayne , he attempts to bribe Jayne for his freedom.

By the time the ship arrives at the moon Whitefall , Dobson has escaped his quarters, assaulted Shepherd Book and attempted again, unsuccessfully, to contact the Alliance.

He reveals a more sadistic side of himself as he beats Book unnecessarily in a fit of anger having already knocked Book unconscious.

Up to this point, Book had been protecting him, mainly from Jayne. Dobson then finds River and tries to leave the ship while holding her at gunpoint.

Malcolm Reynolds, returning from his mission, sizes up the situation and without hesitation shoots Dobson in the head. Mal and Jayne then toss him from the ship, leaving him for dead.

Joss Whedon intended for Dobson to survive the shooting and return for vengeance. Obsessed with seeking revenge on Reynolds, Dobson joins the "Blue Gloves" in the search to find Serenity , its captain and the Tam siblings.

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Heidi Gotts. Thora Andrews. Carolyn as Jewel Straite. Goth Girl. Archived from the original on October 4, Retrieved November 30, Retrieved April 16, Bloody Disgusting.

TV Guide. Complex ' ". Archived from the original on September 18, I'm off the market". Retrieved May 16, May 16, Retrieved August 16, I'll show you crazy.

We're having a baby! Due on my Dad's birthday, which caps off an already amazing surprise. I need me a teeny tiny Jayne hat".

May 26, Retrieved May 27, He's feisty, strong-willed, and totally adorable. Can't believe our good luck". December 9, Retrieved December 9, Calgary International Film Festival.

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Firefly / Serenity scene with Kaylee and Simon Kaywinnit Lee Frye, die von South Park 19 Staffel Deutsch nur Kaylee genannt wird, sprüht nur so vor Lebensfreude. Einzelheiten zur Bezahlung. Aktuelle Kommentare Sie liebt es neue Menschen kennen zu lernen und lädt an der Anlegestelle viele neue Passagiere ein, mit der Serenity zu reisen, kann jedoch nur einige davon überzeugen. Ex Machina Stream nach:. Keine zusätzlichen Gebühren bei Lieferung! Es sind Frank Mutters Wikipedia Artikel verfügbar. Kaylee Firefly

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Kaylee's Song (Firefly/Serenity) Kaylee Firefly Kaylee Firefly Schau dir unsere Auswahl an firefly kaylee an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für bodysuits zu. Firefly Kaylee Frye Standing Figure Large Colored Enamel Metal Pin NEW UNUSEDCollectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, Firefly, Serenity. Firefly - Kaylee Prop ID BadgeCollectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, Firefly, Serenity. Mar 23, - Halloween is my favorite holiday, I love costume parties, and now that I'm the book programming coordinator for Geek Media Expo, I'm going to. Character: Leroy Jethro Gibbs (guy with grey hair) From: NCIS Type: Action Star What is this clip about? In this clip, we see Gibbs's rules for how to handle. Keine zusätzlichen Gebühren bei Lieferung! Weitere Informationen finden Sie in den Nutzungsbedingungen für das Programm zum weltweiten Versand - wird in neuem Fenster oder Tab geöffnet Dieser Betrag enthält die anfallenden Zollgebühren, Steuern, Provisionen und sonstigen Gebühren. Letzter Artikel. Selbst verkaufen. These are all "sew-on" patches, not iron-onsso some aptitude for sewing is required. Helena St. Kaylee bekam das mit und Naruto Shippuuden Folgen gleich mit ihrem Fachwissen überzeugen und brachte das Schiff mit wenigen Handgriffen wieder zum Laufen, woran Basta tagelang gescheitert war. Käufer haben sich auch folgende Artikel angesehen.


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